Client’s/Patient’s testimonials on K-Stretch®

The testimonials mentioned here are real. The words are written by people who are getting by professionals formally trained in this method Postural Rebalancing both K-Stretch group classes or/and individual sessions.


Pilar age 57 NEW

A year ago I made contact with the K-STRETCH method. I have for years arthrosis in the cervical, and in some periods I have periodically suffered pain and restricted mobility of the neck rotation limiting me especially towards the left, during different periods. Last year I spent six months in, that despite different treatments could not any improvement. For several areas I had heard that there was a hammock stretching method and encouraged me to try. So I did and I must say that from the first month I noticed a significant improvement. Acute pain quickly disappeared and I've regained mobility and rotation progressively. The fifty minutes I go a week at K-STRETCH being a terrific investment in welfare and I've improved my overall posture throughout the year have not returned to lie, nor I have had any low back pain who suffered from occasionally. I encourage you to try.

Luis L. 68 years NEW

For almost 30 years I have been practicing athletics. In 1997 I was diagnosed with multiple lumbar disorders: disc protrusions, disc dehydration ... Doctors do not advise surgery or athletics. As the pain is increasing letting go athletics and start swimming and walking. This continued until the first crisis occurs in 2006: a week at home with anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Here begins a parade of visits to osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists and other specialists in this type of degeneration. They all treat the effect, ie pain, but neither the cause. The pain and physical limitations for swimming and walking are increasing, and crises are repeated with increasing frequency. In October 2013, the latest crisis occurs, but this time only refers to 50%. In Marcho n the 2014 I contact with Kineesis Center in Irun. I know Danilo Barzio, director of the Centre and state my case. We get to work and Danilo part of a body 68, so I worked with sports but with important daily back pain and with increasing physical limitations. His method with K-Stretch, his experience, his patience and professionalism have given me my life. The pain and physical limitations have decreased 90%. Danilo says that does not work miracles, but after 17 years of suffering, there is no other word that more accurately expresses my current state. Danilo, I always consider in your debt. A big hug from your friend

Juan Mari L. age 47 NEW

The job I have requires me to take a lot of weight and in very awkward positions, so I have appeared two cervical hernias, I spent a few months on the sidelines with unbearable pain in the neck, shoulder and left arm. After several treatments, my physio Itziar recommended me K-Stretch method (Method postural rebalancing), and I have only words of thanks. Since I started five months ago now, the pain has gone, the quality of life has improved 100% and I recommend it to anyone. The elasticity that did not, with the weekly work has improved a lot, also had enough problems with the lumbar which have disappeared. I encourage you to try. To thank all the school staff Kineesis Irun and especially my trainer Danilo, are all very friendly and professional


Maria Eugenia age 44

Hallo, I am the mother of two. I started using the K-Stretch Method for severe backache caused by picking my children up and by bad posture. I experienced immediate relief. Since I started exercising I haven’t suffered from backache anymore. Furthermore, I regained flexibility and have looser neck, arms and legs. I have also learned new breathing techniques and how to take better care of my body. Once my body adopts a wrong posture it immediately reacts and corrects it. I also have to say that all Kinesis personnel is extremely helpful and in my case, Danilo, who patiently and clearly explained all exercises. In summary, my general condition has greatly improved and I am very satisfied. I strongly recommend you this method. You will not regret it.

Cristina G.

I have been using this K-Stretch Method since the beginning of the course. I must say that for me it has been an amazing and highly positive experience. Before these new exercises, my backache was with me on a daily basis. Now, my quality of life without aches and pains, has helped me enjoy things that I was unable to do before. I can now stand for hours if needed, I can sit in a backless chair and I can lie down or get out of bed without back pain. I recommend this Method, it really works.

Silvia U. age 46

I applied for Postural Realignment Classes at the Kinesis Centre. After my weekly group sessions I must admit that my back ache is completely gone. Moreover, I have learned to realign my shoulders and back. I am extremely pleased with my classes and I intend to continue going as long as I can. Another important thing is that you learn proper breathing techniques, taking the time to do it with no rush.

Arantza Z. age 34

Working with the K-Stretch represents freedom from the stress that builds up during the week due to bad posture and job activities,…after K-Stretch sessions I face my day with more energy and vitality. Furthermore, my body is now well familiar with the right posture that should be adopted in whatsoever situation, sitting down, standing or while exercising .I can’t wait for my next K-Stretch session to start !

Alberto A. age 53

I was troubled by constant pain and lumbar stiffness that sometimes had me bent in half. It was impossible to lead a normal life, until the day a friend of mine suggested I try K-Stretch treatments. I loved it from the beginning, it is a non-aggressive technique and I experienced relief right after the first session. The pain is gone now and I recovered lost flexibility and a general feeling of well being. It is an absolute must try.

Maria Jesus A. age 56

I am delighted to be able to tell you how wonderful I feel thanks to postural re-education sessions with the K-STRETCH. I started a year ago with a weekly session. I did not have a diagnosed lesion. I suffered from back ache, stiff legs and stiff neck. I can say that after the session I experienced immediate relief. I walked out feeling lighter, with increased mobility, more flexibility, and could walk in a more upright position. Now I feel even younger. After three months of treatment, tests showed I have gained “1 cm”. My posture is changing little by little and when I sit in my car my sacral area fits better in the seat. I did not notice that before. Now I am experiencing a sense of “perfect fit” I started knowing my body as I acquired better understanding of my body parts I don’t really know how to properly “word” my “feelings”. Well, in the end, I consider myself a privileged woman, thank God I have known this method and I will never quit exercising since it is a pleasant addition to my daily life and helps me feel good.
I strongly encourage you to try it.

Esperanza B. age 62

I’m taking weekly K-STRETCH sessions and since the very beginning I experienced a net improvement in my neck flexibility, I can reach the floor with my hands and have stretched two centimeters, I can walk straight now. I encourage you to try this method, many of your ailments will disappear and you will be anxiously waiting for your next K-STRETCH session.

Alejandro D. age 22

I have been suffering from a bad back, pains, bad posture, loss of flexibility in my limbs since I was young.... I have been attending K-stretch classes for a year now and I’m noticing better flexibility all over my body and a net improvement of my back problems, the pain is gone and my posture has greatly improved, I was surprised to notice I was constantly improving, week after week.

Isabel M. age 43

I have been attending K-Stretch postural re-alignment classes for almost a year now and my back pain has considerably subsided. I have also regained the ankle flexibility I had lost twenty years ago due to an injury. I have been memorizing the most correct postures to assume during the day.

Patxi I. age 48

I have been practicing sports for years and recently I have started experiencing problems with my feet: plantar fasciitis and sprains. I was seeing a physical therapist who recommended the K-Stretch treatment for my ailment to heal it and prevent new lesions.. I have been exercising for two months now and I am experiencing a net improvement in my lesions, better flexibility and a general improvement all over my body.


Javier G. age 38

I went to a K-Stretch session for the first time two years ago. I had just been operated from a dorsal hernia, which is one of the least common cases, that had kept me suffering for practically six years causing me constant disability, lack of flexibility and chronic pain. I was desperate and 4 years ago I went to Germany to undergo surgery using the endoscopic method which is less invasive. From that moment on my contractures went into remission but I started experiencing new, sharper overlapping pain in the dorsal area. I also suffered from cervical problems, stiff neck, sciatica problems with numbness in my toes as well as lumbar problems. I visited countless professionals (physical therapists, osteopaths, rehabilitation specialists...) and used a device that gave controlled impulses to relief patients from constant pain together with a double inversion bed recommended by my rehabilitation instructors. At this point is when I first visited Luis Miguel Toribio”s center. The fact is that during the first training session I already noticed my pain was diminishing and that, little by little, insisting with the treatment I noticed my neck was improving, as well as my sciatica, lumbar and dorsal pains. I have been working on my flexibility for three years now (I have a K-Stretch at home too)) and I have reached a stable physical shape. I can now ride my bicycle and I can stand for a long time. The latter represented a real painful challenge in the past but it is not a problem anymore. Thanks to this postural hammock treatment I am finally able to live a pain-free life.

Alain Lopez. (Top Athlete using K-Stretch)

Hi, my name is Alain, I am a professional speed athlete and I am 29 years old. After 2010, which was a special year for me (Runner-up Champion of Spain and finalist in the European Championship) I got injured and had two surgeries (hernia and hips). These events caused reduced flexibility and mobility. That’s why I went to Danilo and tried his K-Stretch Method. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I am recovering mobility, agility, light flexibility and quick movements, which I had lost after surgery. I can think again about high sports achievements. Thank you K-Stretch!!

Mikel Odriozola. (Top Athlete using K-Stretch)

My specialty, race walking, involves long distance training and this new K-Stretch technique improves both my training practices and my quick recovery time. After 4 years using this Method my injuries have been considerably reduced and my training has been safer and more intense.

Oihana Kortazar. (Top Athlete using K-Stretch)

The K-Stretch® Postural Hammock helps me achieve proper stretching.. It helps me gain elasticity and better results when running. We all know that stretching is important nonetheless, sometimes we just sit on the mat and stretch, but incorrectly so. Thanks to K-Stretch® I am sure that I am globally stretching all the muscles. Furthermore, it is foldable and easy to carry in its carry bag. I can take it with me wherever I may be competing in the world. “

Imanol Erviti. (Top Athlete using K-Stretch)

“The hammock is a great recovery tool for me, post-practice sessions help me recover and assimilate training sessions, so that I am ready for my next class. Since I don’t have to accumulate tension and muscle shortening, it helps me stay flexible which is extremely important in my sport practice. Re-alignment keeps me young”.

Almudena Ortega (professional opera singer) click here to read her interview

Mercedes E. age 71

Dear friends: by calling you friends I mean to express to all of you my appreciation for what you are doing for me in your Centre. When I come over you always welcome me in a friendly manner and I feel like at home. With these simple lines I wish to express to you my deepest appreciation for the personal care I have been receiving and for the professional way you treat each one of us and the way you follow our personal needs. I have been doing Pilates exercises and also K-STRETCH Postural Re-alignment and I must say it has been the best thing that ever happened to me to help me keep “in shape”. Some years ago I fell and the weight of my whole body crushed my right hand. I am very grateful I met you because the traditional "rehabilitation" exercises caused a callus in the middle of my hand. I could not make a fist anymore and was unable to hold a knife. Thanks to the individual sessions with Danilo, and the sessions with the Postural Hammock I can say today that I am a NEW WOMAN. And I am 71 years old!!!
Thanks for everything and..let’s keep up the good work!

Jon G. age 34

I started suffering from neck problems when I was 23. I suffered from loss of flexibility in my neck area and I sometimes experienced sharp pain due to repeated torticolis (stiff neck) relapses. I went to two orthopedic specialist that diagnosed me arthritis of the neck. On one occasion I had to run to the Emergency unit due to the terribly intense pain. Following my mother’s advice I went to see Danilo to tell him about my problem. I started with individual K-stretch sessions and my ailment has considerably improved. I do not suffer form a stiff neck anymore even though I sometimes experience some tenderness in the neck area, a far cry from my previous discomfort and pain.

Amaia B.

The first time I went to Luis Toribio’s Centre I was in constant pain particularly in my back, my knees and my shoulders, at times the pain was so bad that I could not lift my arms , it was really hard for me to stand, to sleep or practice sports (and I have always been a very active person).Doctors told me it was caused by my nerves and an incorrect body posture and prescribed me anti-inflammatory medications. I started stretching regularly with the K-Stretch and I noticed a net improvement to the point that I am now able to sleep, I practice sports and I even bought a bicycle I generally ride on weekends. If I quit stretching though I start having problems again.>


Autrize B.

I am one of Luis Toribio’s clients and I have been exercising with him for three years. "I tried the Postural Hammock for the first time two years ago approximately. I was suffering from terrible back ache and I was unable to properly sleep or rest I had been living in hell for six months and I could not see a possible way out of it since I had tried all possible available therapies. Since I had lost all hope I decided to try something new and I started stretching with the Postural Hammock. I initially experienced very slow improvement but after three years I can say that this device has changed my life. I can sleep and practice sports again, something I was totally unable to do before treatment and my flexibility has highly improved. It may not work for everyone but it did for me"


Estibaliz O. age 37

Since I started taking postural re-alignment classes using the K-Stretch I have better flexibility and decreased muscle stiffness, moreover, my recurrent headaches are almost gone.

Javi H. age 41

As a K-stretch student I want to say that since I started practicing it I forgot the pain I had in my back and my leg fatigue and I am now able to jog normally and practice some other sports because I feel more flexible and notice faster recovery after exertion. My thanks to the kinesis centre.

Iñaki, age 44

I just started and after only 4 sessions I noticed that my back and my stiff lumbar area full of contractures feel lighter now. Until 1 month ago I felt as hard and stiff as a the trunk of a tree NOW I CAN BEND ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR!!! .... Before my K-stretch treatment I could only dream about it!!

Natalia P.

Hello! I had a very stressful time at work and I went on sick leave ( suffering from anxiety attacks, muscle spasms and vertigo….) A colleague of mine told me about the Kinesis Centre and I am feeling much better now (I’m taking one group class weekly with K-stretch). I almost gave up my physical therapy treatments. When I was sick I had to go monthly and, above all, my balance and posture have noticeably improved thanks to proper breathing exercises. I specifically noticed that by using K-stretch I can work better on the arm and scapula areas.

Javier M. age 48

Good afternoon, well you know who I am, a tough guy, little flexibility, since I was a child. I have no aches and pains, and I noticed I am becoming a little bit more flexible or so it seems to me. I exercise on a daily basis and on the day I go to the Center, even if I am in pain, I have a wonderful time, it feels as if I had just had a good massage, I feel as good as new.

Juncal G. age 49

Yo estoy haciendo k-stretch casi desde el principio y no lo he dejado. I have been exercising with K-stretch for a long time and I am not giving it up. I started exercising because I suffered a back contracture and had to take a 2 months sick leave from my job… Since then I sometimes notice “a tender spot” but that’s all. More benefits: I used to stumble a lot, I suppose that had to do with my ankle flexibility. I work in front of a computer all day long and my cervical area at the end of the day used to get as stiff as a rock, right now it seems to recover quite easily and on Mondays, after class I feel much better.

Juanjo O. age 69

My personal experience with the K-stretch system has been quite satisfactory. I have been using the K-stretch system for two years and I started feeling better from the very beginning. I have regained agility when I walk, I have corrected my posture in general, and I can keep my body straight feeling much more flexibility. In summary, I am very happy with the results I have reached at my age, I am 69 years old!.

Eusebio M.

My name is Eusebio. First of all I wish to thank the Kinesis Centre because with the hypertensive abdominals and the K-STRETCH method, I am a new man. Thanks to these exercises my lumbar hernias have greatly improved (they don’t bother me as much as they used to) and I am not as stiff as I used to be. I have more resistance and flexibility when I ride my bike. In summary I feel much better with myself and when I leave the centre after treatment I feel as a new person. All those of you who have flexibility problems should try these new techniques. I strongly recommend them. Greetings.

Ana R. age 51

I have been attending K-Stretch Postural re-balancing classes for quite a while now. For almost 20 years I had to wear orthopedic inserts and often visit my chiropodist After this new treatment, visits have almost stopped and I finally quit using those inserts

Maria Gloria De C. age 65

Hi ! I am a lady taking K-Stretch group classes and I am delighted with them. They help me feel better. These classes are fun and useful. Come and join us !

Maria Jesus B. age 66

I suffer from arthritis of the spine. When I experienced sharp pain I treated it going to a physical therapist 3 times a month. The physical therapist himself recommended I visit the Kinesis Centre and take postural rebalancing classes. I am totally satisfied with this activity.

Milagros G. age 60

I had cervical and back problems. Since I started K-stretch treatments my general condition has greatly improved, especially in the cervical area.

Chelo N.

Hallo! My ankles were swollen and it was extremely hard to turn them from side to side. I started taking K-stretch group classes 2 and a half months ago. My ankles are not as swollen as they used to be anymore and I have regained lost flexibility. I often go horseback riding and I used to need help to mount on the horse, I can do it on my own now!