Video Library K-Stretch


In this section, we will promptly demonstration videos up on the K-Stretch Method to give the opportunity to everyone to learn more about the type of work being performed. Short videos will serve for information purpose. In no way meant to be character training videos. To form in the K-Stretch Method, health professionals and / or sports can access them and thus acquire the theoretical knowledge and application technique of the method for use with their patients / clients.

K-Stretch official videos made by its developer Danilo Barzio

1- ¿Que es K-Stretch?

2- Clase Colectivas K-Stretch (breve demo)

3- Nuevas posibilidades en el estiramiento global gracias a la K-Stretch - Posturas en Semi Carga

4- Estiramiento Global Cadena Muscular Posterior

5- Estiramiento Global Cadena Muscular Anterior