Group Sessions with K-Stretch®

STRETCH with K-STRETCH®!! In gyms, sport centres, fitness centres, therapy centers…

K-Stretch® helps organize effective and fun-to-do group sessions. Instructors and students work on muscle chains in a simple and immediate way since it is a user-friendly, practical device with two adjustable mobile planes that guarantee safe and effective stretching. K-Stretch® prevents students from adopting forced posture while executing exercises since stretch intensity can be quickly and properly controlled. Anyone, depending on his/her physical condition or joint-muscular ailment, may benefit from this postural realignment.

During classes it is possible to have a comfortable self-massage session using the Double Ball. p1110640 foto grupo 8


For physical trainers, personal trainers, sport teams and athletes:

K-Stretch® works on athletes’ muscles in an exceptional way thanks to its positive action on “muscle breaking” (stiffness and lack of elasticity) which often cause low quality performances and are, on many occasions, responsible for muscle overexertion and repeated injury.

It can be used for individual sessions or, as it is the case with Sport Teams, for group sessions to optimize work-out times and give physical trainers the possibility to carry out an easy to handle muscle chain group stretching sessions thanks to K- Stretch® practical use.

Paravertebral musculature can be relaxed while laying on the K-Stretch through postural self-massaging with the Double Ball.

alain 2 alain

Alain Lòpez, sprinter with the Spanish National Athletic Team and Danilo Barzio using K-Stretch® during an individual stretching session.


Top Athletes using K-Stretch®.